How Michael Kors Outlet store to Repair Tumi Leather

Tumi is a luxury brand of leather Michael Kors Outlet store bags, luggage and accessories that cater to business and casual wearers. Tumi bags are designed to exact specifications, but like all products, they are not indestructible. To repair your Tumi leather, complete a Repair Request Form with Tumi; several options are available for this based on your warranty qualification. Or repair the leather yourself using commercial leather repair kit.Does this Spark an idea?Other People Are ReadingAutomotive Leather Upholstery RepairHow to Reduce Facial LinesThings You'll NeedLeather markerLeather adhesiveCotton swabsRubber glovesScissorsShow MoreInstructions Tumi Repair1Determine the date you purchased your Tumi item as this information is used by the company to qualify your warranty eligibility. Find this date on the purchase receipt or your debit/credit card statement.2Pick the "Worry Free" warranty option if you purchased a Travel and Business Collections item in the last 12 months. This allows you to send the item back to Tumi for repair at the company's cost, including shipping. Select the "You're Covered for Defects" option if you have had the item for two to five years. In this option, only manufacturer defects are covered and you must pay shipping charges.3Select the "You're Covered for Defects" warranty option if your item is a standard Tumi product. This option covers manufacturer defects for two years after the purchase of your item .4Complete the "Repair Request Form" to initiate repair of your Tumi item. Alternatively, call 800-781-8864 to speak to a Tumi representative.5Record the shipping information provided to you by the Tumi repair form or representative. Pack your item in an appropriately sized box and ship it with insurance that covers the value of your item.Repair it Yourself6Determine the severity of damage to your Tumi Leather. Finger the damage to see if it is surface level or if the leather is torn completely through.7Pick a leather marker that matches the color of your item to repair surface scratches. Remove the cap from the leather marker and apply to the scratched areas carefully. Blend with light strokes to the surrounding areas of the leather.8Use a leather adhesive for holes in the leather. Put plastic gloves on as this improves your grip on the leather. Place the Tumi item on a flat surface.9Apply a bead of leather adhesive to a cotton swab and then carefully spread the adhesive to one side of the tear. Quickly join the both sides of the tear, matching up the edges. Hold it steady until the glue dries. Trim any loose threads with scissors.Tips & WarningsSuper glue can be used in place of leather adhesive.Tumi has a different level of warranty for "Travel Michael Kors Outlet Online and Business Collections" and its standard line of products.

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How to Repair Michael Kors Outlet Online the Snap on a Michael Kors Wallet

Michael Kors is a popular designer fashion label, specializing in Michael Kors Outlet Online making all kinds of leather goods, such as purses, wallets and shoes. Several of Michael Kors's wallets are held closed with a snap button of the post variety. When the snap on the wallet breaks off or falls out, there is a simple solution that you can use to fix the snap.Does this Spark an idea?Other People Are ReadingHow to Identify an Authentic Michael Kors VintageHow to Identify an Authentic Michael Kors Monogram CanvasThings You'll Need3M 77 glue in a tubeBoth parts of the snap buttonDamp cloth or baby wipeShow MoreInstructions 1Clean off the fabric underneath the snaps. You can use a damp cloth or a baby wipe.2Clean off the back of the snap, as well. Make sure you clean both sides of each part . Again, you can use a damp cloth or baby wipes.3Place a dab of 3M 77 glue on the back of the snap. The location where the back of the snap touches the fabric will dictate where you will need to place the glue.4Repeat on the back of the other snap. Allow at least one hour to dry completely.Tips & WarningsThere are other glues that you can use, but chances are they will not hold as well as the 3M glue.Do not use abrasive glue or glue that is not meant for fabric or leather as it may damage the designer Michael Kors Handbags fabric.

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How to Michael Kors Outlet Online Repair Suitcase Feet

A favorite suitcase is Michael Kors Outlet Online a well-used suitcase and frequent travelers know the wear and tear that can happen to luggage. Suitcases get thrown around a lot, and many of the parts, including handles, wheels and feet, are made from plastic and can become cracked or damaged. Repair small cracks in suitcase feet with a high-strength, two-part epoxy. For more severe damage, replacement feet can be purchased and are typically attached with rivets .Other People Are ReadingHow to Repair Stitching on a Suitcase PocketHow to Repair the Feet of LuggageThings You'll Need2-part epoxyPopsicle sticksLocking vise gripORFlathead screw driverDrill with carbide bitReplacement feetRivet hole punch or awl and hammerRivetsRivet toolShow MoreInstructions Epoxy Repair1Mix together equal portions of the two epoxy liquids using a Popsicle stick or a similar type of stir stick. Mix them in a disposable container. The epoxy will start to set up rapidly and must be applied immediately after mixing.2Spread on and squeeze the epoxy into the cracks using a Popsicle stick or a similar type of flat stick.3Clamp the feet with a locking vise grip to keep the crack closed as the epoxy sets up. Allow the epoxy to set up according to the instructions on the package. The epoxy dries transparent.Replacement Feet4Purchase replacement feet that are equal or close in size to your feet. Generic replacement feet can be obtained from luggage suppliers, or contact the manufacturer of your luggage to inquire suitable replacement feet. If rivets do not come with the replacement feet, find out what size of rivet is recommended.5Remove the rivets on the old feet. Pry apart the rivet with a flat head screwdriver. Wedge the screwdriver under the flat side of the rivet and give it a sharp blow with a hammer. Hard to remove rivets can be dislodged by drilling through the stem of the rivet with a drill that has a carbide drill bit. Use a small drill bit size, so as not to enlarge the previous hole.6Line up the new feet with the old rivet holes. If they do not match, new rivet holes can be made with a rivet hole punch or with an awl and hammer. Affix the Michael Kors Handbags new rivets using a rivet tool.

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